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The Counselor Salesperson (CSP) uses a four-step consultative selling process that helps salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems. CSP focuses on adopting a Counselor Mindset, a mindset that builds profitable, long-term customer relationships.

Key Learnings and Outcomes

In this 4 half-day virtual workshop you will explore the following key learnings leading to the following outcomes:


You will learn how to be prepared for every call using Purpose – Process – Payoff and put yourself in the customers shoes to anticipate their questions, concerns and objections. You will be able to build trust at the beginning of a consultative relationship where the customer is more willing to share key information.


A lost art in today’s fast paced sales world. Sales professionals often skip this important step in the sales process and move quickly to pitching their product and lowering price. You will learn the art of uncovering the customer’s current situation and desired outcomes (GAP Model) by asking Paired Questions and listening for key information before sharing a Discovery Agreement. Understanding customer needs before sharing a solution leads to larger sales while maintaining your margins.


The Solution Advantage Benefit model provides a roadmap for developing proposals and presenting solutions that add value to the customer, with less objections and higher close ratios.


You will learn how to reinforce and support the customer’s decision to buy and how to create very satisfied customers that are willing to refer you to others.mes:

Who Should Attend?

Sales professionals, sales managers, account executives, inside sales representatives and anyone involved in sales processes that would benefit from adopting a consultative selling approach.



Event Details

This 4 half-day workshop is delivered virtually using the Zoom platform. This platform allows for high participant interactivity through polls, break out rooms and chats. You will receive the zoom link in your registration confirmation.

Start date: September 16, 2024

End date: September 19, 2024

Start time: 01:00 p.m. EDT

End time: 05:00 p.m. EDT

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