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The Versatile Salesperson (VSP) is built around the four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. Participants are profiled for their perceived Social Style and interpersonal versatility level, and then learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

Key Learnings and Outcomes

In this 4 half- day virtual workshop you will explore the following key learnings leading to the following outcomes:

Creating Sales Effectiveness

How to define the importance of Versatility and the benefits it can have on work.

Identify Style

How to “read” the behavior of different people in order to accurately identify their Social Style & how to recognize the effect of one’s own style on others’ behavior.

Reflect on Style Expectations

How to reflect on the expectations and preferences customers of the different Social Styles have for salespeople.

Modify Your Style

How to adapt working relationships with customers in order to meet their style expectations and preferences.

Mastering Style Modification

How to meet others’ needs and expectations by modifying style behaviors. How to use specific behaviors (pace, voice, body language, focus) to display greater versatility to improve relationships and obtain better results.

Dealing with Customer Tension

How to recognize other’s back-up behavior (fight/flight responses to stress). How to develop skills for dealing with customers when they are uncomfortable.

Who Should Attend?

Sales professionals, sales managers, account executives, inside sales representatives and anyone involved in sales processes that would benefit from communicating more effectively, demonstrating versatility and creating a comfortable environment.



Event Details

This 4 half-day workshop is delivered virtually using the Zoom platform. This platform allows for high participant interactivity through polls, break out rooms and chats. You will receive the zoom link in your registration confirmation.

Start date: August 12, 2025

End date: August 13, 2025

Start time: 09:00 a.m. EDT

End time: 04:00 p.m. EDT

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