Our Customized Webinar Training sessions offer participants LIVE online training where they will interact directly with our certified facilitators and other program participants. Webinar training offers some distinct and major advantages to classroom training. Some advantages to webinars include: high accessibility, no travel costs, low materials fees, and convenience.

Program Overview

NuVue’s Webinar Training series of customized modules provide participants with tips and best practices to streamline their business efforts and in doing so, will improve productivity and sell more. Our modules focus on learning new sales techniques that enable a salesperson to tailor their approach to the customer, which increases the ability to close the sale. There is also focus placed on getting past objections and how to deal with competitive threats in the marketplace. Webinar Sales Training will provide participants with the training they need to know, when they need to know it, all remotely.

Program Benefits

We offer a series of six effective sales modules that can be customized to fit your needs and provide sales professionals with the skills and tools needed to create effective working relationships with key customers. Through our webinar training series participants will learn:

  • Various proven best practices for communication
  • Strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving
  • How to set sales goals and gain bottom line results
  • Other vital competencies that can drive performance and lead to a sustainable advantage for your organization

Program Details

Session Length:  1 hour sessions, remote

NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives. Program content can be customized based on your business model.

Contact NuVue Business Solutions at 800-688-8310 or 919-562-5599 to see how we can help develop your Sales Team and produce business results.

Customized Webinars Fact Sheet

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