Managing a Global Business is a very challenging team competition where the companies operate ina complex and unstable environment. The winner of the simulation is the company which achieves the “best” financial and operation results. This usually translates to the group that operates most effectively as a team in the development of a clear strategy and the flexible execution of that strategy.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Re-evaluate market, operational, and competitive positions
  2. Create plans that consider profit, cash flow, and strategic position
  3. Visualize the financial issues that drive the corporation and improve these business drivers.


Participants gain a solid financial grounding, independent of the career path they have followed to this point as well as a global perspective on the challenges of business today.

Target Audience

Sales Professionals, Managers and Executives from all areas of the operation

Program Duration

3 Days

Additional Information

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