Businesses in every sector are experiencing increased competition as new, diverse players enter the market. When consumers have more choices, they perceive fewer differences among companies that provide similar services. Switching suppliers is easy, and customers can demand a higher level of service. To remain competitive, your business can’t afford anything less than the highest level of customer satisfaction. This means ensuring that customer contact personnel have the tools and skills they need to deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Program Overview

Researched and developed by Wilson Learning, Signature Service is a practical, results-oriented program that helps service providers at all levels develop and apply the skills necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. Signature Service recognizes four distinct customer conditions and provides specific approaches for successfully responding to each one. Service providers bring customers to a satisfied level, then confirm customer satisfaction. During this 2 day workshop, participants will focus on the following key learnings:

Discovering the Opportunities in Customer Satisfaction
How to explain the value of customer satisfaction for the organization, customer, and service provider.

Managing Myself
How to apply a three-part approach to self-management.

satisfaction modelOpening the Interaction
How to identify customer conditions and respond appropriately.

Determining Needs and Expectations
How to use listening, questioning, and empathy skills.

Managing the Interaction
How to present clear explanations and protect the relationship with the customer while adhering to the company’s policies and procedures.

Satisfying Customers in the Comfortable and Indecisive Conditions
How to work with customers in positive to neutral customer conditions.

Satisfying Customers in the Insistent and Irate Conditions
How to work with potentially negative and emotionally charged customer situations.

Enabling Improved Performance
Signature Service can be enhanced by optional performance application, reinforcement, and support tools. Implementation guides and performance checklists ensure that service providers develop skills during the workshop, then fine-tune their newly acquired skills and behaviors upon returning to work. A Job Aid Card is provided during the course and can be used long after the course is over. Involving service managers early on, and training them to coach for improved performance, is also fundamental to successful Signature Service implementation.

Program Benefits

Discovering the Opportunities in Customer Satisfaction
Articulate their role, as well as the risks and potential opportunities, in the Zone of Indifference.

Managing Myself
Manage their role in interactions with others, thereby consistently achieving desired results.

Opening the Interaction
Create and sustain customer comfort throughout the entire contact.

Determining Needs and Expectations
Determine the customer’s needs and expectations. Increase customer comfort by demonstrating empathy.

Managing the Interaction
Help customers understand the information they need to know. Say “no” while maintaining a high level of customer comfort.

Satisfying Customers in the Comfortable and Indecisive Conditions

Work effectively with customers in the Comfortable and Indecisive conditions.

Satisfying Customers in the Insistent and Irate Conditions

Work effectively with customers in the Insistent and Irate conditions.

Program Details

Session Length:  2 Day Programs available
Participant Materials:  Participant Guide, job aid card, eLearning follow-up modules

The seven module Signature Service program is typically delivered in a classroom setting but can be delivered in a blended classroom and electronic approach. NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives. Program content can be customized based on your business model.

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