A quick iPhone Instructional Video – How to Make Coffee
This is a quick iPhone instructional video. This one happens to be on making coffee but can easily be used in the field for a field demo, just-in-time updates, etc. How could your team utilize quick video input from the field?

A Technical Writing Course – Analyzing our Readers

(click the “next” button in the video to begin)
This is one module of a Technical-Writing course we developed for Hurley-Write. Do you have a course that you would like to get out to your clients or internal staff? 5 Minute Coach methodology at its finest!

A Product Launch – Verdesian

Below is an example of a product training module. It’s longer than 5 minutes but because of the testing, extended learning and use of attached documentation, we can utilize the same principles to help train your team or your customers on new products or existing. How could you utilize this methodology to launch your next product or service?

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