Unresolved conflict in the workplace can get in the way of a work group’s performance and, ultimately, impact organizational performance. Businesses benefit when everyone in the organization is able to use a common, proven approach to preventing and resolving conflict. Knowing the hidden dimension of conflict—how it shows up differently for different styles—enables organizations to adopt a common language and framework for recognizing and managing conflict.

Program Overview

Researched and developed by Wilson Learning, Leading for Performance: Managing Styles in Conflict (LFP-MSIC) helps people learn how to interact more effectively with people of other Social Styles under stress. When people demonstrate “back-up behavior” (predictable responses to high stress), knowing what to do can be critically important.   The program examines various concepts associated with Social Styles in conflict and provides specific skills and tools for improving professional relationships.

During this 1/2 day workshop, participants will focus on the following key learnings:

Stress and Back-up Behavior

Managing Back-up Behavior

Enabling Improved Performance
Leading for Performance: Managing Styles in Conflict (LFP-MSIC) features application, reinforcement, and support tools so participants can develop skills during the workshop, fine-tune, and then apply the skills and behaviors back in the organization. It would also be beneficial for participants to complete the Leading for Performance: Working Styles: Dimensions in Social Style prior to attending LFP-MSIC. Involving management and training them to coach is also important for successful implementation.

Program Benefits

Stress and Back-up Behavior — Be able to recognize implications of back-up behavior.

Managing Back-up Behavior — Be able to identify the sequence of back-up behavior and how to apply the appropriate responses.

Program Details

Session Length: 1/2 Day Programs available
Participant Materials:  Participant Guide & job aid card

The Managing Styles in Conflict workshop is part of the Leading for Performance series and can be coupled with other workshops.  These ½ day programs are typically delivered in a classroom setting or a virtual webinar.  NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives.  Program content can be customized based on your business model.

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