To uncover customer needs, it is critical that sales professionals are able to ask more thorough business questions of their customers. It is by asking better questions that solutions can be offered that add greater value to the customer and block the competition at the same time.

Program Overview

Business Focused Selling is an advanced sales training program that combines the elements of consultative sales and business acumen into one program. The goal of the program is to help sales professionals develop questions that will ultimately help their customers grow their business and improve some aspects of the income statement. During this course, participants will:

  • Review the consultative sales process
  • Review business acumen terms
  • Develop business focused impact questions
  • Identify two targeted customers to increase sales and block the competition
  • Practice using business focused selling questions with key accounts
  • Develop a plan to use business focused selling with key accounts

Program Benefits

The outcome of Business Focused Selling is stronger business relationships with key strategic customers. From this program, participants are able to improve their customer’s financial position and provide solutions that add tremendous value to their customers’ bottom line. Participants will leave this program able to offer solutions to their target customers that replace their competition, thus reducing the sales of the competitor.

Program Details

Session Length:  1 or 2 day classroom

NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives. Program content can be customized based on your business model.

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Business Focused Selling Fact Sheet

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