The “Core Workout” True for Sales Training Too

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I got a Fitbit for Christmas and now I am tracking steps, flights of stairs climbed, and water intake, all in an effort to try to beat my fellow co-workers and family with simple fitness habits.  This led me to talk with a personal trainer and they were glad to talk with me.  As we were talking, my personal trainer mentioned that it is important for anyone starting an exercise program to first strengthen “The Core.”  I learned “The Core” was a set of muscles that adds stability to the bodily region bounded by the abdominal wall, the pelvis, the lower back and diaphragm and that all movement starts within this region of the body.   I needed to strengthen my core before I would get into more physical activities like running, swimming, and biking.

So, what does “the Core” have to do with Sales Training?  EVERYTHING!  I talk with many sales executives, Vice Presidents of Sales, Presidents and CEOs and they all want to have the best sales teams in their industry. […]