Six Situations Where It Makes Sense to Outsource Sales Training

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Choosing to outsource sales training can feel like a big decision if you’ve never done it before, but sometimes outside help is exactly what your sales team needs.

Outsourcing training may not be the right choice for everyone, but here are six situations where I feel you can benefit most from a bit of outside help.

1. You’re not happy with your current team’s performance.
When your existing sales team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you have two choices: find new sales people (who will need training to ensure they accomplish what your original team could not) or train the ones you have so they can improve.

2. Your lead sales person has no formal sales training.
Most salespeople were never trained how to sell. And most sales managers were promoted because they were the best sales people, without any specific managerial training. Put these two ingredients together and it’s rare to find a sales manager […]

3 Must-Haves for Salesperson On-boarding in the Agricultural Market

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When you hire a new salesperson, they naturally walk through your front door full of excitement and energy. Best-in-class on-boarding is one of the best ways to turn that energy into results.

Do you remember the first day at your company? Chances are you were excited, ready to dive in and get started. When you hire a new salesperson, that’s how they feel when they walk through your doors as an employee for the first time.

If you’ve made a good hire, that person has the potential to become an amazing ag-sales professional. However, it’s up to you to help them realize that potential—and your on-boarding process will play a large role in doing exactly that.

1. A Day-1 Action Plan
Before your new salesperson arrives for their first day, it’s important to check off a few important to-do items, including:

    • Ensure their computer, email, and phone are ready.
    • Let your receptionist know they’ll be coming in and what to do when […]

What I’ve Learned After 27 years of Training Agricultural Sales Professionals

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What do agricultural sales professionals really need most to be successful?

When I ask industry leaders this question, I get a variety of answers, many of which are quite good, including things like “a solid manager,” “proper motivation,” and “deep industry knowledge.”

But truthfully, there is one factor that outweighs all of these: Confidence.

Confidence in their ability as a salesperson, confidence in their ag industry knowledge, and confidence in their company’s products and solutions. The best agricultural sales professionals have this one trait more than any other.

Where Does Confidence Come From?

This year marks 27 years that I’ve spent training agricultural sales professionals and what I’ve learned in that time is that confidence is not, as many might have you believe, an inborn trait.
Confidence comes from quality, sustained training.

Unfortunately, I’ve also learned that too few ag sales teams receive that […]