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Includes one assessment for all leaders.


ARA NAVIGATOR 360° is a new leadership assessment tool that will assess a leader’s effectiveness in 16 competency areas. See list below for competency areas. The interactive report guides the leader on skills they use effectively and the skills they need to develop.

Visionary Role

Guiding organizational and individual growth through creation and communication of a compelling vision and strategy.

  • Communicating Vision & Purpose: Conveying a vision of organizational success
  • Evaluating Structure and Processes: Ensuring the organization’s functions and systems are working optimally to achieve business objectives
  • Understanding the Competitive Environment: Recognizing how the organization differentiates itself in the marketplace

Tactician Role

Ensuring that results are achieved by effectively planning work, delegating responsibility, reviewing performance, and improving systems and processes.

  • Hiring & Staffing: Taking actions to ensure that open positions are filled with the best available candidates
  • Managing Performance: Taking steps to ensure that goals are being met in an efficient and effective manner
  • Coaching for Performance: Guiding and supporting employees’ development efforts to achieve performance improvement
  • Managing Budgets & Expenses: Taking steps that generate revenue and/or save money for the organization

Facilitator Role

Creating an environment of collaboration and partnership to ensure effective working relationships.
Demonstrating Relationship Versatility: Adapting oneself to enhance workplace relationships

  • Resolving Conflict: Addressing areas of contention between individuals or groups in order to maintain work productivity
  • Influencing Others: Gaining support and motivating action through compelling communication
  • Listening For Understanding: Attending to what others are saying
  • Presenting to Groups: Expressing thoughts by speaking in a clear, organized manner to influence and not just inform others
  • Leading Teams: Facilitating a team’s efforts to accomplish specific objectives

Contributor Role

Creating organizational success by contributing their personal talents, experiences, and abilities.

  • Solving Business Problems: Uses a sound approach to identify and solve problems
  • Making Decisions: Using a sound approach to make the best decisions possible using the available information
  • Managing Time: Making the most effective use of own time to accomplish tasks
  • Business Acumen: Demonstrating sufficient business and financial understanding to take appropriate actions

Character Summery

  • Social Character Traits: Integrity, Compassion, Propriety, Values Diversity, Cooperative, Accessible
  • Organizational Character Traits: Ethical, Customer Focus, Leadership Courage, Organizational Commitment
  • Personal Character Traits: Risk Taking, Initiative, Drive, Sense of Urgency, Tenacity, Resilience, Willingness to Adapt, Stress Management
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