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Tailored Learning Solutions for the Retail Sales Industry

Success in the sales and service industry requires more than just sales skills. You need to understand and be able to deliver on the services you provide. NuVue has over 80 years combined experience in the Retail Sales industry.

The “Ifs” in the Retail Sales Industry:

If we need to get better shelf space so we can increase sales.

If we could just help our weekend warriors have more product knowledge.

If we could just have one common sales methodology so we can coach more effectively.

Count on comprehensive learning solutions for Retail Sales companies.

NuVue has experienced facilitators, coaches, and consultants that know what it is like to do business with large big box stores, channel partners, and diverse workforces. Our customized learning solutions vary by customer and include solutions such as – multi-year Sales Curriculums, Onboarding Checklists, Product Knowledge Modules, Financial Simulations, Virtual Coaching, and Negotiating to Yes. If you have an IF we have a solution.

Retail Sales Learning Solutions that will Impact Your Bottom Line

Sales Enablement

Develop sales enablement skills to increased sales and get higher margins in today’s highly competitive environment.


Leadership Development

Build leadership skills to lead, inspire and create engaged and productive workforce.


Business Acumen

Business Simulations help all employees to understand the language of business that lead to better business decisions.



Help your coaches, be more effective and coach more frequently. The Learning That Never Stops Coaching Platform helps!


Customer Service Excellence

Today’s customers expect more. Gain insights into customer behaviors and that lead to more satisfaction and repeat business.



Need to transfer complex information fast? Create eLearning fast into bite-sized interactive learning.


Team Building

Building high performance teams allows businesses to do more with less resources.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Our Assessment Tools help to diagnose the needs, skill gaps and provide insight to help build the right learning solutions.


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