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Inspiring Leadership Within Your Organization

Leadership Development is the process of building leadership skills for everyone in your organization from emerging leaders to strategic leaders. The purpose of a leader is to engage others in committing their full energy to the creation of value and success. 

Leadership Development Courses

Building Relationship Versatility

Built around a four-quadrant Social Styles matrix, participants are assigned a Social Style, interpersonal versatility rating, and specific versatility behaviors after being profiled.

Coaching for Performance

Offers first-line and mid-level managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which employees can succeed.

Coaching for Sales Performance

Offers sales managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which salespeople can succeed.

Communicating with Purpose

Provides the knowledge first-line and mid-level managers need to drive more effective one-to-one business communication with employees and colleagues.

Consulting with Clients

An intermediate-level workshop that enables consultants to bring business value to their internal or external clients.

Creating a Culture of Engagement

A highly interactive experience where leaders learn how to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams, leading to tangible business results.

Delegating with Confidence

Managers explore the challenges of delegating and the conditions under which delegation is most effective.

Getting to Yes: Influencing for Optimal Results

Helps managers become better influencers and, ultimately, negotiators.

Global Effectiveness

Global Effectiveness will teach participants what types of behaviors to expect from certain cultures and how to prepare themselves for business interactions.

Interviewing for Selection

Structured around the Behavioral Interview Process, this model provides the knowledge, tools, and confidence managers need to prepare for, conduct, and evaluate behavioral interviews.

Leading for Growth

Challenges managers to rethink their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of “heroic manager” to “growth leader.”

Leading from Within

Examines the essence of leadership—the core questions that leaders must answer for themselves from within.

Leading in Challenging Times

Focuses on what happens to human energy during times of change.

Managing Conflict

Based on a collaborative, win–win approach called Changing the Game, this workshop teaches first-line and mid-level managers indispensable techniques and skills for managing conflict effectively.

Managing Styles in Conflict

Participants learn how to interact more effectively with people of other Social Styles under stress.

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Helps managers learn how to shift their attention away from output and toward creating optimal conditions in three key leadership action areas.

Motivating for Results

Helps managers learn how to influence motivation.

The Leader Manager

Provides leaders with the framework and skills to enable the work unit to achieve Performance with Fulfillment — the combination of high performance and high satisfaction from meaningful work done well.

Working Styles: Dimensions of Social Styles

Based on the Social Style model, with its four distinct interactive styles: Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive, this workshop provides proven skills for identifying Social Style.

Work Life Balance

Designed for people and organizations that are searching for solutions that help with the stress of balancing the challenges of work and personal life.

At NuVue, we believe effective leadership requires both skills, what we call Form, and character, what we call Essence.

Essence is who you want to BE as a leader.

This includes your philosophy, beliefs, values, and sense of purpose that guide who you want to be as a leader.

Form is what you need to DO as a leader.

This includes the skills and behaviors you exhibit, consistent with your philosophy, beliefs, and vales.

Three Levels of Leadership

Level One – Survival Skills Level One – First Level / Foundational

Getting work done through people. Building Credibility as a Leader. Building your team and coaching your team.

Level Two – Growth Skills Mid Level / Intermediate

Getting work done with people in a way that builds their ability to do it themselves. Purpose and Value Centered Leadership.  Expanding skills to handle the challenges of leading others.

Level Three – Strategic Skills

Ensuring systems and processes to sustain performance. Culture-Centered Leadership. Leading Managers, setting direction and measuring results.

Curriculum Suggestions

Sample of a our most popular leadership development courses for a multiyear curriculum

Suggested Leadership Development Curriculum

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