In this challenging and competitive time, organizations need leaders with resiliency and character, who know who they are and who exhibit the kind of strong leadership that others will follow. Leading from Within (LFW) goes beyond rote skills and process checklists to help a leader learn how. Because leadership comes from within, leaders need to examine—and clearly articulate—personal values, talents, contributions, and vision as the foundation of self-leadership. LFW is for all the leaders of your organization who need to examine, understand, and develop their leadership philosophy so they can become the grounded, resilient leaders that organizations in tumultuous times really need. It is for anyone seeking to understand and live their leadership philosophy.

Program Overview

Researched and developed by Wilson Learning, Leading from Within examines the essence of leadership—the core questions that leaders must answer for themselves from within. This process workshop provides leaders with tools and strategies to explore the challenges of leadership, enhance their personal effectiveness and integrity as leaders, and better enable them to lead. During this 2 day workshop, participants will focus on the following key learnings:

What Does it Mean to Lead?
How the courage to lead comes from within and how they can reflect on their
leadership character.

Core of leadershipEstablishing Your Leadership Foundation
How to discover their beliefs and values about leadership and how to recognize their reason for leading and know their strengths, and how to clarify their vision for their leadership.

Meeting Your Leadership Challenges
How to explore the business conditions under which they are asked to lead.

The Importance of Serving
How to strengthen their foundation of leadership through the eyes of those they serve, how to identify their constituency and their vision for their constituency and how to know whom they can go to for advice.

Leadership Framework
How to take the work they have done in this session and prepare and how they will communicate their leadership aspirations to others.

Enabling Improved Performance
Leading from Within (LFW) provides a strong beginning, but what follows to sustain the changed perspective and performance needs to be organic to the organization. LFW strongly encourages leaders to share the Leadership Framework created in the program with their people to enhance accountability and to bring clarity of vision, values, and direction. Optimally, senior leaders who attend LFW to lead by example will also share their Leadership Framework with their managers and others. In some organizations, participants’ managers schedule conversations soon after LFW and at regular intervals.

Program Benefits

What Does it Mean to Lead?
Have a better understanding of what it means to lead and the importance of character-based leadership.

Establishing Your Leadership Foundation
Have clarity on who they want to be as a leader.

Meeting Your Leadership Challenges
Have a clearer path forward.

The Importance of Serving
Have a stronger, engaged following.

Leadership Framework
Have the ability to communicate a clear leadership framework with others.

Program Details

Session Length: 2 Day Programs available
Participant Materials:  Participant Guide, job aid card, eLearning follow-up modules

The five module LFW program is typically delivered in a classroom setting but can be delivered in a blended classroom and electronic approach.  NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives.  Program content can be customized based on your business model.

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