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The Key to Making Better Business Decisions for Your Company

What is the purpose of business? Most people would answer with, “Make Money!” Our business acumen solutions help everyone at your company learn about business using a simulation. If you are going to improve on key business metrics, everyone must know how a business works and how they impact the business. Understanding your business and your customer’s business might be the single most important skill that will translate into better business decisions.

Business Basics

Participants learn how to read an Income Statement and Balance Sheet, see themselves in the business and know how they impact these financial reports, make better choices in everyday activities leading to reductions in costs, inventories, and working capital.

Finance for Everyone

Participants learn the pieces of a business, how they fit together, and how to clarify what the business needs are in order to be healthy.

Finance for Managers and Executives

Provides experiential learning across the business because participants play all the major roles in an operating company: production, R&D, sales and marketing, management, and finance.

Finance for Sales Professionals

Helps salespeople develop their planning and analysis skills and gain practical experience in budgeting, targeting, forecasting, and using a variety of performance metrics.

Income/Outcome Business Simulation

Income-Outcome Experience

8 Minute Overview


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