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Accelerating Leadership Effectiveness with Creating a Culture of Engagement

Business Challenges Solved with This Course

Create Collaborative Teams

Leaders focus on what the organization & leaders need to do to create collaborative teams.

Create a Culture of Engagement

Leaders learn what they must do to create the five elements of an engagement culture in their own team and organization.

Achieve Tangible Business Results

Leaders learn how to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams ultimately leading to positive business results.

Delivery Options

Face-to-Face Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Creating a Culture of Engagement

Creating a Culture of Engagement is a highly interactive experience where leaders learn how to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams, leading to tangible business results.

It is a hands-on, process-oriented, action learning session. The focus is on what the organization needs to do, as well as what individual leaders need to do, to create collaborative teams and a culture of engagement.

What You Can Expect From This Course

Researched and developed by Wilson Learning, Creating a Culture of Engagement is for leaders:

  • To understand they have the responsibility for creating a culture of engagement for their own team and across their organization.
  • To understand the five critical elements of creating a culture of engagement.
  • To know what they must do to create the five elements of an engagement culture in their own team and organization.

Leaders need to understand employees have a choice to be engaged or not. The leader’s role is to actively and intentionally work to create a culture of engagement. During this workshop, participants will focus on the following key learnings:


Engagement happens when employees feel they are part of something important and have something to believe in.

Personal Accountability

Engagement happens when employees are expected to give their best and know what they are being held accountable for. When this is the case, personal accountability increases.


Engagement happens when employees feel connected with each other, focus on mutual interest, and operate with shared responsibility.


Engagement happens when employees are well informed, involved, and able to openly express their thoughts and feelings. Simply stated, people want to feel “in” on things.


Engagement happens when employees feel they matter—that they have a valued place in the organization.

Online Engagement Audit

To maximize the learning experience and engage leaders before the session, the direct reports of participants complete an online Engagement Audit. These direct reports rate the organization’s leadership team collectively on how well they execute in providing each of the five elements of engagement. During the session, leaders receive an organizational summary of the Engagement Audit results. The report shows the strengths and greatest needs for each of the five engagement elements.

Creating a Culture of Engagement is a two day program that features a participant guide, job aid card, application, reinforcement, and support tools so participants can develop skills during the workshop, fine-tune, and then apply the skills and behaviors back in the organization.

After the workshop, Our Learning That Never Stops approach ensures skills learned in Creating a Culture of Engagement will be transferred to day-to-day work practices with our extended learning follow-up for self-paced reinforcement.

Involving management to ensure alignment on an approach to creative conflict management and training them to coach for improved performance is important for successful implementation.

NuVue works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives. Program content can be customized based on your business model.

This workshop is designed to be flexible and dynamic in its content and implementation, based on the needs and priorities of the client organization. Most organizations take the Engagement Audit score, identify the engagement elements with the greatest gaps, and focus the hands-on action learning exercises on the elements with the greatest need.

During each of the modules, leaders learn how each element contributes to a culture of engagement. An expert facilitator, skilled in Process Facilitation, leads exercises and activities and uses tools to guide leaders through discussions on each of the five elements and the implications from the audit results. The trainer then helps leaders identify actions they can take to create the conditions necessary to maximize the power of the targeted element across the organization.

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