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Check out what some of our customers have been saying about NuVue!

“Like many others in a similar position, I have been adapting to training in a virtual environment since early 2020. While I have implemented several changes, Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment™ truly allowed me to understand and then adopt numerous changes that have drastically increased the level of participation and retention of the information I deliver virtually!”

“I just wanted to extend a thank you for the time and effort each of you put into planning, preparing and executing last week’s sales training. Walking into an event like that, you never know what to expect or how valuable the time/information is going to be. Not only was the course itself outstanding, but the personal input each of you were able to provide throughout the training that directly related to our daily processes & experiences blew any expectations I had out of the water. I look forward to implementing new tools learned from each of you into my sales process and wanted to make sure you all knew how much your time and expertise shared was appreciated.”

“I just participated in my second career experience with Wilson Learning’s Negotiating to Yes training program through NuVue and what a great job they did. NuVue is a global consulting firm that can help you and your organization overcome all your “Ifs”- If we just could sell more by being better negotiators, if we could just develop stronger leaders, if we could just achieve our business goals. Everyone and every organization have different “ifs”. Trust me, NuVue and their team can help you solve those “ifs” (business challenges) by Asking Better Questions and Actively Listening.

“Thank you for the work, energy & hitting the “Bulls eye” this week with the Advanced Financial training with my Sales Management team.” “All the conference calls, e-mails and customer surveys over the last 6 months contributed in a major way to ensure we hit our objective for the training. I can assure you had the teams complete attention for 1.5 days. Advancing our Financial / Business skills is a high priority for me with my team. You definitely provided the tools and wisdom this week to raise the bar within my entire Team. Thank you again!”

“Thank you for speaking to our owners in San Antonio. I was happy to hear such great feedback and comments from our owners. Your topic was one of the highlights of the meeting. Many owners were sharing stories of their children and their parents throughout the meeting. For me, I really appreciated the take away of the workbook and the application it can have to our businesses, there may be possibilities for other topics to apply to our group in the future.” “I literally could have sat and listened to you all day! Your information was relevant and fresh. And you certainly addressed subjects that take priority in our marketing conversations.”

“The use of the information was used to create a solution which could be “quantified”. The solution was then placed into the new style presentation. That presentation, according to the customer, “blew all others away”. Although our financial offer WAS NOT the strongest on the table, our presented solution which showed genuine interest in the business, closed the deal.”

“Today’s presentation went really, really well.  I got some very positive feedback on my presentation and the supporting slides.  Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and skill building knowledge!   It has really bumped my skills to the next level.”

“The investment in the people development is already becoming fruitful and I´m glad that we came to a successful conclusion for the East team. A couple more sessions for the West and they´ll be on par as well.”

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