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Key Considerations When Communicating Across Generations

Surveys and market research have shown that different generations have very distinct views about products, politics, religion, careers, and just about everything else. Generation is one of the most important factors that shape people’s opinions and views. But where are…

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The Key to Knowledge Retention in Sales Training

It is no surprise that we forget what we learn almost instantly. Through formalized training reinforcement, learning doesn’t have to stop when class is adjourned. Knowledge retention drops off steeply after formal training has ended. We have all seen some…

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Learning That Never Stops™

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Michelangelo….“I am still learning.” Rumor has it he said it at the ripe age of 87! I can only hope that I am still learning in 35 years. Today, learning…

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I Know the Look

I know the look. Eyes glazed over; forced smiles. The look that says, “Why am I here? I don’t need to know this! I’m not an accountant”. I can count on one hand how many people have actually been excited…

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

A day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear about Millennials in the workforce.  Millennials, Millennials, Millennials.  It is as if Millennials are taking over the world!  What about the rest of us!!??!! I am a Baby Boomer, born in…

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