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Group Rollup reports are available for the ARA Navigator 360. See the results from your team and develop a companywide leadership development curriculum.


For companies with multiple leaders participating in ARA Navigator 360, Group Rollup Reports are available. All Group Rollup Reports capture the summary of all leaders participating in the assessment. These Group Rollup Reports help the organization determine the skill gaps needed to be developed and provide a roadmap for developing these skills.

With the Group Rollup Report, results are combined in one or more organizational reports to show the actual patterns of strengths and development needs within the population of leaders.

As part of our standard service, NuVue will present these results during a 60-minute virtual meeting briefing to senior leaders. Many organizations use this report as a needs analysis to target their development resources where they are most needed.

Optional sub-grouping reports can be generated for various subgroups of the whole organization to get an accurate reading of the specific development needs within a department or division.

NuVue can provide a suggested multi-year curriculum to help develop leaders of all stages of leadership.

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