We often think of negotiation as taking place only with people outside of our own organizations―customers, suppliers, or others with whom it’s important to reach mutually satisfactory agreements. Although managers do negotiate in these situations, they must also gain agreements with their employees, peers in other departments, and leaders at every level within their own companies. Strong negotiation skills ensure managers have the ability to handle difficult issues and situations in a way that meets the needs of their own work teams, and other internal contacts with whom they must interact to meet their goals.

Program Overview

Researched and developed by Wilson Learning, Negotiating to Yes (Corporate) (NTY-C) helps managers become better negotiators. It is based on the concept of Principled Negotiation, a method that offers managers an efficient process for reaching optimal business agreements that are satisfying to both parties and actually strengthen professional relationships. During this 2 day workshop, participants will focus on the following key learnings:

Principled Negotiation
How to achieve mutually satisfying, optimal agreements through an efficient process that strengthens relationships.

Pareto's optimal curveAlign People
How to avoid letting people problems get in the way of positive negotiations & how to clarify the issues important to each party to avoid any potential barriers to reaching an agreement.

Explore Issues
How to explore all issues and interests and how to find a creative solution that satisfies everyone involved.

Reach Agreement
How to ensure that a negotiation either ends in a mutually satisfying agreement for both parties or in an alternative to a negotiated agreement that meets the principled negotiator’s most critical needs.

Difficult Situations
How to deal with difficult issues and “dirty tricks” used by others during negotiations in order to get the process back on the right track.

Enabling Improved Performance
Involving managers early on and training them to coach for Principled Negotiation is critical to a successful Negotiating to Yes (Corporate) (NTY-C) implementation. NTY-C supports these activities with various performance application, reinforcement, and support tools. Additional learning components, such as an application exercise, job aid cards, electronic reinforcement tools, and performance checklists, ensure that managers can hone newly acquired skills and behaviors.

Program Benefits

Principled Negotiation
Find agreements that are mutually satisfying to both parties. Develop a hard approach to problems and a soft approach toward people.

Align People
Use the Go to the Balcony and Separate the People from the Problem methods in order to keep a clear and open mind during the negotiation.

Explore Issues
Identify Interests, Generate Options, and Determine Independent Standards during the negotiation process.

Reach Agreement
Identify their best alternatives to a negotiated agreement and present offers effectively using an Offer Conversation that addresses all parties’ interests.

Difficult Situations
Deal with difficult situations in order to keep negotiations going on a constructive and proactive track.

Program Details

Session Length:  2 Day Programs available
Participant Materials:  Participant Guide, job aid card, eLearning follow-up modules

The five module NTY Corporate Edition program is typically delivered in a classroom setting but can be delivered in a blended classroom and electronic approach.  NuVue Business Solutions works with your team to identify your business needs to ensure the delivery of the program targets your business challenges and objectives.  Program content can be customized based on your business model.

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Negotiating to Yes – Corporate Edition Fact Sheet

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