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Accelerating Salesforce Effectiveness with The Counselor Salesperson

Business Challenges Solved with This Course

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Common Sales Methodology

The single most important thing to accelerating salesforce effectiveness is to have one common sales methodology.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Foundation for Sales Effectiveness

All levels of sales professionals need to build and refine foundational selling skills to help them become a Trusted Advisor.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Sales Call Preparation

Better preparation helps sales professionals set call objectives and ask better business questions that lead to value-added solutions.

Delivery Options

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Face-to-Face Workshops

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Virtual Workshops

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Self-Paced E-Learning

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Blended Virtual Solution

Client Testimonial

The Counselor Salesperson

The Counselor Salesperson is designed around a 4-step consultative selling process that helps salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems. Participants discover that having a different attitude, or a Counselor Mindset, is the first step toward building long-term, win-win customer relationships.

What You Can Expect From This Course

The Counselor Salesperson establishes a basic philosophy of selling with a common and easily understood approach. The Counselor Salesperson provides a win-win approach to selling that emphasizes problem solving from the customer’s point of view. The Counselor Salesperson enables a consistent customer experience where the salesforce implements simple models that help the customer buy the way the customer wants to buy.


Your sales team will learn how to be prepared for every call using Purpose – Process – Payoff and put themselves in the customers shoes to anticipate their questions, concerns and objections. They will be able to build trust at the beginning of a consultative relationship where the customer is more willing to share key information.


A lost art in today’s fast paced sales world. Sales professionals often skip this important step in the sales process and move quickly to pitching their product and lowering price. Your sales team will learn the art of uncovering the customer’s current situation and desired outcomes (GAP Model) by asking Paired Questions and listening for key information before sharing a Discovery Agreement. Understanding customer needs before sharing a solution leads to larger sales while maintaining your margins.


The Solution Advantage Benefit model provides a roadmap for developing proposals and presenting solutions that add value to the customer, with less objections and higher close ratios. Supporting Your sales team will learn how to reinforce and support the customer’s decision to buy and how to create very satisfied customers that are willing to refer you to others.

Our Learning That Never Stops approach will ensure skills learned in the Counselor Salesperson will be transferred to day-to-day work practices. To achieve this, The Counselor Salesperson includes components and activities:


Prepares salespeople and managers for the overall learning experience:

  • The Learning Journey sets the context for learning
  • Participants identify four target customers or prospects

Delivery Options

The Counselor Salesperson has four delivery options.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Face-to-Face Workshops

(2–3 Day Workshops)

Live instructor led training with self-paced follow up reinforcement.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Virtual Workshops

(Four 3-hour Webinars)

Live instructor led webinars with self-paced follow up reinforcement.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Self-Paced e-Learning

23 self-paced eLearning modules with optional live instructor led webinars for follow-up and reinforcement.

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

Blended Virtual Solution

Web-based self-paced interactive eLearning with personal coaching and live instructor led webinars.

Extended Learning System

The Counselor Salesperson Learning Journey includes an Extended Learning System with self-paced reinforcement for participants and coaching tips for sales managers to help coach and reinforce the learning and get results like – increased sales, higher margins, more new customers, etc.

NuVue will partner with your organization to measure the initial behavioral changes and business results. Our common interest is to make sure that The Counselor Salesperson delivers the results you seek. We are committed to helping you succeed. We will work with you to set up measurement systems to help move desired change forward and sustain the momentum of your implementation.

  • Ability to quickly establish trust with any person in the buying process
  • Ability to gain that person’s willing cooperation in sharing information
  • Asking better questions leads to in-depth agreements with the buyer about the real nature and scope of the problem to be solved
  • Ability to uncover buyer motives
  • Ability to convince buyers that a particular offer is a valuable solution to their business problem
  • Present effective presentations that target they buyer’s needs and motives
  • Increase Sales and Close Ratios

What our clients are saying

Counselor Salesperson, NuVue
Counselor Salesperson, NuVue
Counselor Salesperson, NuVue

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