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Generational Spotlight: Selling to Baby Boomers

No doubt, sales is hard.  To succeed, you really have to know your customer. Here are some tips for connecting with Baby Boomers.

Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers make up the second-largest portion of the U.S. population (having recently been overtaken by millennials), which means that they are a crucial part of any business market. Understanding how to sell to this generation and knowing the key distinctions between this and other generations can mean the difference between a sale and a polite declination. Take a look at some overarching qualities of the Baby Boomer generation.

They Value the Salesperson

A common refrain when talking about Baby Boomers is that they must be comfortable with the salesperson before they can become comfortable with the product. This entails face-to-face interaction, paying attention to body language, and small talk, at times. Baby boomers are known to quickly categorize and make decisions about people and things, so it’s important to make a good first impression and convey a good attitude about your product with proper poise.

Convey a Personal Feel

While not all Baby Boomers are, “back-in-my-day” anti-tech advocates, the majority of this generation would much rather touch a product, or at least see it with their own eyes.  This means seeing your product offers on paper rather than viewing it on your iPad or tablet is a better fit for baby boomers.  Furthermore, Boomers are more likely to weigh the opinions of friends and acquaintances than the opinions of those in online reviews, social media, and the like.

Proper Attitude

As previously stated, Baby Boomers know the value of how someone carries themselves. As children, they were strictly regulated, often taking simple commands like “sit up straight” and “say thank you”. Thus, treating your Boomer customers with the same common respect and courtesy, coupled with a strong knowledge of your product or service and a willingness and ability to answer all questions asked, will greatly increase your chances of a successful sale

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