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Elevate your skills with The Counselor Salesperson™ MicroMoments™

A game-changing, AI-powered sales coaching platform designed for all sales professionals who have participated in The Counselor Salesperson™ workshop. Start enhancing your sales performance today!

Unleash Your Full Sales Potential with
The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments

The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments, is a revolutionary new tool designed to improve your skills as a sales professional.


Take Control of Your Sales Performance

The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments is a six-month subscription that specializes in the practice and reinforcement of key skills taught in the Counselor Salesperson workshop. With the help of AI Feedback, Peer, and Manager Coaching, you’ll be able to effectively apply these skills with customers, leading to an increase in sales.

Why Choose The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments?

Our virtual coaching platform offers a multitude of benefits,including:

  • Micro eLearning modules for precise skill development
  • Automated A.I. for instant feedback on key skills
  • Get Sales Manager feedback for continuous improvement
  • See how your peers implement key skills
  • Share successes and challenges with your peers
  • A 26-week learning journey helps to build and refine yoursales skills over time

By investing just, a minute each week, you can drasticallyimprove your sales performance without disrupting your busyschedule.

Get Started with The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments Today

Start your journey to sales excellence with The Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments.Customers using our platform are already experiencing increased sales, closing largerdeals, and standing out from the competition.

For more information or to get started,

call us at (800) 688-8310.

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