Six Situations Where It Makes Sense to Outsource Sales Training

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Choosing to outsource sales training can feel like a big decision if you’ve never done it before, but sometimes outside help is exactly what your sales team needs.

Outsourcing training may not be the right choice for everyone, but here are six situations where I feel you can benefit most from a bit of outside help.

1. You’re not happy with your current team’s performance.
When your existing sales team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you have two choices: find new sales people (who will need training to ensure they accomplish what your original team could not) or train the ones you have so they can improve.

2. Your lead sales person has no formal sales training.
Most salespeople were never trained how to sell. And most sales managers were promoted because they were the best sales people, without any specific managerial training. Put these two ingredients together and it’s rare to find a sales manager […]

5 Steps for Ensuring Customer Satisfaction in Agricultural Sales

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Remember that every customer call is an opportunity for you to help solve a problem for someone. And if we are honest with ourselves, that is the real reason we enjoy sales so much!

So you are walking along freshly-tilled furrows on the way to meet a grower and potential customer in the field, when your cell phone rings. Time is short after you got turned around at the entrance, machinery churns loudly around you, and the sun is making you regret your choice of long sleeves this morning. You can see by the number on the screen that it’s a new grower you just signed up last week. Quick: how do you respond?

Stop, take a breath, and remember that when a customer calls, it is an opportunity for you to help solve a problem for someone. Here are 5 easy steps anyone can follow to ensure great customer service on every call, every time.

Step 1: Say Hello
Thank your customer for calling. Keep a “smile” in your voice by keeping a smile on your face. State your […]

How Training Affects Employee Retention

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Employee retention, it seems, isn’t just a nice idea—it’s good business. But it’s also clearly going to require a plan if you want to keep your best employees long-term.

Employee turnover is expensive. How expensive? According to a review of 30 case studies taken from the 11 most-relevant research papers on the costs of employee turnover done by the Center for American Progress, it costs businesses about one-fifth of a worker’s salary to replace that worker.

And, according to another survey (this one by Linkedin), 85% of the workforce is either actively looking for a job or open to talking to recruiters about relevant opportunities; even the […]