Selling today demands that you increase sales with the right customers that will produce profitable sales in the face of increased competition and more complex relationships with channel partners and suppliers. All levels of selling (i.e. Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Director of Sales, or VP of Sales) are challenged to meet the rising expectations of customers in order to achieve success.

Your competitive advantage in selling is to be perceived by your customer as the “best business consultant” calling on my business, or Trusted Advisor. Trusted Advisor is the ultimate accolade you can achieve in your selling career with your customer. Becoming a Trusted Advisor follows a path over four competency levels in which sales representatives develop critical knowledge and skills – Technical Sales, Consultative Sales, Business Partner and finally Trusted Adviser. Sales Professionals must achieve each level on their way to becoming a Trusted Adviser.

NuVue Business Solutions develops sales professionals to succeed with today’s business challenges. Increase Sales and Sales Management Curriculums develop the skills needed to compete in today’s competitive market environment. If you are serious about building your sales and coaching skills that will lead to increased sales, higher margins and greater customer satisfaction the Sales and Leadership programs will help your sales team move closer to becoming a Trusted Advisor.

Four Levels of a Sales Representative

  • Level One — Technical Sales
    Customer views the Sales Representative as a Vendor — a person with a product to sell.
  • Level Two — Consultative Sales
    Customer views the Sales Representative as a Consultant / Problem Solver — a value added resource to their business.
  • Level Three — Business Partner
    Customer views the Sales Representative as a Business Partner, an above average Sales Representative because they go beyond just selling their products. They understand how business works and combined with strategic thinking they add significant value to the customer’s business.
  • Level Four — Trusted Advisor
    Customers view this Sales Representative beyond a Business Partner, rather a Trusted Advisor. They are recognized as the BEST Sales Representative calling on them. Customers look to this Sales Representative for leadership, in-depth knowledge, and don’t make any strategic move with out first consulting with their Trusted Advisor.

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