Generational Spotlight: Selling to Baby Boomers

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No doubt, sales is hard.  To succeed, you really have to know your customer. Here are some tips for connecting with Baby Boomers.

Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers make up the second-largest portion of the U.S. population (having recently been overtaken by millennials), which means that they are a crucial part of any business market. Understanding how to sell to this generation and knowing the key distinctions between this and other generations can mean the difference between a sale and a polite declination. Take a look at some overarching qualities of the Baby Boomer generation.

They Value the Salesperson

A common refrain when talking about Baby Boomers is that they must be comfortable with the salesperson before they can become comfortable with the product. This entails face-to-face interaction, paying attention to body language, and small talk, at times. Baby boomers are known to quickly categorize and make decisions about people and […]

Welcome to NuVue Business Solutions

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NuVue Business Solutions is a results driven learning systems company that provides assessments, classroom, eLearning and mLearning programs to meet specific client needs in sales, leadership, customer service, team development, and business acumen. NuVue Business Solutions’ focus is talent development producing business results that can be measured in reduced costs, increased sales, higher margins, lower turnover, better teamwork, and overall increased productivity.