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Back to normal – What’s that?

As we enter 2022, most of us were thinking work & life may be returning to some normalcy that we knew before the pandemic hit in 2020. As new variants continue to be introduced, we are quickly seeing that “normal” continues to constantly change. As a result, we need to be prepared to work in a world of everchanging requirements – meeting customer needs in ways that are comfortable for them and their company. So how do we do that?

For the past 2 years we’ve had to learn new technologies and adapt to the “rules” of the pandemic…keeping everyone safe while still helping our customers achieve their business goals. That being said, according to LinkedIn sales research — Hybrid Selling is here to stay.

Virtual selling quickly became the primary selling during the height of the pandemic. As the move to hybrid working continues, many of these shifts are here to stay according to LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report 2021. This survey found that “Buyers don’t seem to mind this new reality.” In fact, the survey found that “50% of buyers say that working remotely has made the purchasing process easier.”

High performance consultative sales teams recognize that we need to be adaptable to the way the customer/prospect wants to buy. Adopting a hybrid sales approach allows you to do just that while maximizing territory coverage & sales goals while also providing a positive customer experience.

So, what do we need to do to ensure a successful hybrid sales approach? According to Wilson Learning, a successful hybrid salesperson focuses on key buyer certainties and strategically adapts their sales approach by:

  • Bridging the connection gap and creating a clear sense of direction for what happens next in the customer’s buying process
  • Orchestrating a strategic “dance,” incorporating all of the best communication channels to connect with the customer
  • Telling their solution as a story, leveraging the best features and benefits available in the virtual environment to help the customer visualize using their product or service.

To further explore how to make your sales approach more adaptable to change, visit Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment or contact us to learn more how we can help your sales organization further develop their hybrid selling skills.

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