What is Business Acumen?

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Does your team understand business strategy? Do they know why costs are cut? Do they know your industry’s trends? Teaching business acumen provides all employees confidence and understanding in today’s business world.

The phrase “business acumen” may seem like an industry buzzword, but in fact it is an increasingly important part of communication and effectiveness in the business world. Financial Times Lexicon defines business acumen as “keenness and speed in understanding and deciding on a business situation”. Moreover, business acumen can help your company cut costs, reach a broader audience, and successfully integrate and streamline ideas for a more efficient business strategy.

Steve Jobs is a great example of a strong business acumen. A college dropout with no formal business education, Jobs’ ability to make snap decisions and understand the “language of business” made Apple into one of the most valuable companies in the world. It is […]

What is Mobile Learning?

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Mobile devices are everywhere, and companies are still figuring out how best to leverage mobile technology as part of a comprehensive training program. But what is mobile learning, and when should it be employed?

Mobile learning is using a mobile technology, such as a cell phone or tablet, to consume educational content. Leveraging mobile devices to learn has become almost second nature as the sheer number of devices has exploded. Despite the proliferation of mobile technologies, there are learning situations in which devices make sense, and other situations where it may be best to stick to more traditional classroom, eLearning, or blended learning solutions.

Mobile devices are everywhere.

According to CTIA’s 2014 Annual Wireless Industry Survey, there were 355.4 million wireless subscribers at the end of 2014. While 2015’s numbers are still being crunched at the time […]

The Key to Knowledge Retention in Sales Training

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It is no surprise that we forget what we learn almost instantly. Through formalized training reinforcement, learning doesn’t have to stop when class is adjourned.

Knowledge retention drops off steeply after formal training has ended. We have all seen some version of this statistic, and we have all felt this drop at different times throughout our learning ‘careers.’ But how bad is it really?


As you can see above, Sales Performance International puts the average percentage […]