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Empower Your Sales Team with NuVue’s Proven Courses

Sales Enablement is the process of integrating and streamlining efforts to make selling more efficient and effective. There are four elements to any sales enablement process, and we can help with them all!

Improve Sales Rep Performance

How effective are your current learning systems at improving sales rep performance throughout their lifecycle – from new hire to veteran. HOW WE HELP (Onboarding Checklists, Sales Curriculums, Content for all levels, and Assessments).

Activate Sales Management

How are you supporting sales management to help their team hit the number? HOW WE HELP (Learning Journey’s for Participants and Coaching, Coaching programs, Virtual Coaching Platform, and Coaching Tools for all courses).

Build a Better Tech Stack

Is your technology helping your sales reps be more productive? Do they say our CRM helps me be more productive and sell more? HOW WE HELP (make CRM work for you and your sales team. We partner with Cirrus Solutions to help leverage your CRM, Integrate Sales Process into CRM, and help with resources to ensure your technology works.)

Integrate with Marketing

How do your marketing priorities and initiatives such as competitive intelligence, messaging, and product launches integrate into your Sales Enablement? HOW WE HELP (eLearning for Product Launches, Integrate Product Case Studies, Virtual Coaching Platform).

Sales Enablement Courses

Coaching for Sales Performance

Offers sales managers coaching skills and techniques to create the conditions under which salespeople can succeed.

Coaching the Counselor Salesperson

Provides sales managers with the skills they need to ensure the ongoing success and development of the salesperson.

Counselor Prospecting

Equips salespeople to make better go/no-go decisions about prospects earlier in the overall sales process.

Counselor Salesperson Guarantee 365 Program

The Counselor Salesperson 365 Guarantee Program is for companies who are looking for sales training that works!

Counselor Salesperson MicroMoments

A game-changing, AI-powered sales coaching platform designed for all sales professionals who have participated in The Counselor Salesperson workshop.

Counselor Salesperson

Designed around a 4-step consultative selling process that helps salespeople transition from simply making transactions to solving real business problems.

Counselor Selling in a Virtual Environment

Sales professionals gain the skills to apply the counselor approach to selling virtually.

Finance for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals will gain practical experience in budgeting, targeting, forecasting, and measuring performance.

Mastering Successful Presentations: Skills for Influencing Outcomes

A hands-on, results oriented workshop that will have an immediate impact on participants’ ability to effectively influence and persuade any audience.

Negotiating to Yes – Sales Edition

Show your salespeople how to improve profitability, compete on value rather than price, and enhance how customers perceive your credibility and the value of your capabilities and products.

Sales Advantage Series

The Sales Advantage Series focuses on building a consultative mindset by employing critical consultative approaches, skills, and tools to create business-level value for the client.

Selling in a Virtual Environment

Sales professionals gain the skills to apply your companies’ sales approach to selling virtually.

Selling to the Generations

Uses a consultative selling process that helps salespeople and managers gain the ability to communicate, relate, and gain trust.

Time Management for Salespeople

During this workshop, participants will learn how to eliminate time wasters, set priorities when everyone is demanding more, plan and organize, manage customers and their bosses and balance work and life.

Trade Show Selling

An interactive program where participants will leave with the understanding of the key differences between trade show selling and field sales.

Turning Information into Sales

Salespeople are provided with tools to effectively discover business needs, identify what matters, and apply it in successful sales.

Value Added Selling

Success of any company is its ability to differentiate and add value on every sale.

Versatile Salesperson

Participants are profiled for their perceived Social Style and interpersonal versatility level, then learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

Four Levels of a Sales Professional

There are four levels of a sales professional, each goes through next stage at different times with different customers. The goal is to have more sales professionals be seen as Trusted Advisors with more customers.

Level One – Technical Sales

Customer views the Sales Representative as a Vendor — a person with a product to sell.

Level Two – Consultative Sales

Customer views the Sales Representative as a Consultant / Problem Solver — a value added resource to their business.

Level Three – Business Partner

Customer views the Sales Representative as a Business Partner, an above average Sales Representative because they go beyond just selling their products. They understand how business works and combined with strategic thinking they add significant value to the customer’s business.

Level Four – Trusted Advisor

Customers view this Sales Representative beyond a Business Partner, rather a Trusted Advisor. They are recognized as the BEST Sales Representative calling on them. Customers look to this Sales Representative for leadership, in-depth knowledge, and don’t make any strategic move without first consulting with their Trusted Advisor.

Build a Sales Curriculum

NuVue works with our clients to build a sales curriculum that builds skills for each level of sales professional.  It is recommended to have foundational and several intermediate courses before taking a Salesperson Navigator to determine what skills are most important for the advanced skills.

Listed is a most popular multi-year sales curriculum.  Many companies train two workshops year making this a three-year curriculum, other companies target one workshop per year making it a 6-year process.

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